New Gallifrey Public Record created!

NGPR logoIt was at this point that the news service for New Gallifrey, The New Gallifrey Public Record (NGPR) was created, with the following notice being sent to interested parties:

It is planned to produce a series of news broadcasts to run alongside the current roleplay in New Gallifrey. These will consist of brief clips from ongoing events (such as Council meetings) as well as brief interviews with people who were in attendance (captured in the corridor after a meeting for example).

This will be edited together with supplied clips from independent videos to produce short broadcasts.

Do you want to be a part of this?
1) If you are making videos of your own, you can send us SHORT sound bites that we can drop into news bulletins (no longer than 10-15 seconds). We’re sorry, but we won’t have time to edit full clips. Contact us for the best way to send this.

2) If you would like to be interviewed, let us know. We can record sound in Second Life, or preferably in Skype.


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