The Prydonian Gambit: Statement from the Patrexian Chapter of Olyesti

The Patrexian Chapter of Olyesti released the following written statement concerning the events:

My Lords and Ladies,

By now you are all familiar with the situation: The Prydonians of New Gallifrey have hurled defiance at the Lord President and seceded from our society, or at least that is what they are saying now.

The position of the Patrexian Chapter is that, if House Prydon truly believe our society is irreversibly decadent, they are not the first (or last) to think so. If House Patrex simply want to leave, they can do so. Individual Time Lords have done so in the past, so why not a group of Time Lords? Why not an entire Chapter?

The sad truth in this case is that we would all be better off without them. Even a cursory viewing of their declaration shows that their long-standing self-importance and sense of entitlement has finally disconnected them from reality and made it impossible for them to work with anyone else. Prydon reminds us, as if we have forgotten, that they claim descent from Lord Rassilon. We remind Prydon that this is no less true for all Time Lords regardless of their Chapter. We ask House Prydon, aside from your rather overblown claims to lineage that any of can also make, what else do you have to recommend you? What have you done for the greater good in centuries? What indeed have you done now except throw a childish tantrum?

House Prydon also denounces our Lord President as a tyrant and implies he has nefarious designs on all our Houses. We ask, what manner of tyrant has the immediate support of all the other Chapters without needing to ask? The Prydonian accusations are simply absurd. We of House Patrex believe the Prydonian accusations arise solely from the frustration of their own illegitimate desire for dominance of all other Time Lords.

The Prydonians of New Gallifrey claim they simply want to go their own way. House Patrex believes, if this is truly their goal, that such could be a legitimate and workable course of action. Alas, it is the considered position of the Patrexian Chapter that this is not the true Prydonian goal. We believe that Prydon’s overwhelming desire for power will never be satisfied by simple independence. No, the Prydonian “secession” is nothing more or less than a prelude to an attack on the rest of us. Their plan is not one of mere civil war, but of a war of subjugation of their fellow Time Lords.

In view of this simple truth, House Patrex declares its unwavering support for the Lord President and the other chapters of Olyesti in the coming struggle.

—Lord Julian and Lady Satu, Archons of House Patrex

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