The Prydonian Chapter of Karn issues a Statement (also known as the Karn Conspiracy document)

Seal of Prydon of KarnThe following document, which has come to be known as The Karn Conspiracy document, has been released by the exiled New Gallifrey Chapter of House Prydon, now known as the Prydonian Chapter of Karn.

We read with interest the news from New Gallifrey.  Setting aside the Governor, Judy of Olyesti’s offer for a moment, which we may assure you we shall graciously receive in the very precise same spirit in which it was offered, we would like to address another matter.

We note that said Judy now stands prepared to assume, a word most appropriate in several senses,  succession of the Lord Chancellorship from his gracious Excellency, Oolon Sputnik.

We are not offended by her insults.  The good opinion of Judy of Olyesti- indeed, the interest of Judy of Olyesti, matters little to us- it is scarcely relevant.

As to her impending promotion, we wish we could say that we were surprised, although we do reluctantly admire her brazen courage in daring to mention Abbot’s actions in Council within minutes of her revelations of her true ambition.

Set aside the motivations for the moment.  It is true that Lord Abbot was a – now exiled for this very crime and our suspicions as to his motive- former member of the Prydonian Chapter of New Gallifrey.  It is also known that he was a former soldier and that details of his past life are hard to come by- other than that he was in possession of a firearm apparently able to evade Panopticon security scans.

It is also known that Lord Abbot was a person of great value to Lord President Sen.  As a matter of public record, the Lord President’s previous regeneration, at the same time as that of our own High Cardinal, occurred after an incident aboard Lord Abbot’s most… unusually advanced T.T. Capsule in which Lord Sen risked the personal safety of the greater part of the Inner Council  in order to retrieve Lord Abbot and his unclassified vessel from being acquired by Daleks.

Now such a person- a highly trained killer, considered valuable enough by the Lord President to risk everything to retrieve, considered too valuable to dispense with even after his – Lord Abbot’s- actions had even directly claimed one of the Lord President’s former lives- chooses at the end of a Council meeting, following a vote which had gone in -favour- of the House he purported to represent- to assassinate the very man who had spoken in our defence and argued for leniency, reason, and a third way throughout the entire meeting.

Now we learn that the victim of this assassination is to be replaced – by the very Judy of Olyesti whose growing influence Prydon has protested, and for our attempts to avoid her control been indicted on the ludicrous charge of High Treason.

We will now reveal one secret to you that has previously not been understood by the media.

It has been- correctly- noted that, at the time of the assassination attempt, we were issued with Time Rings and prepared to use them to escape swiftly.  We do not deny this.  Now we choose to clarify why.

Lord Abbot had, prior to the meeting, notified the Prydonian Council that, should we be betrayed and forced to flee for our lives, he would send a coded signal to indicate us to activate Time Rings to escape, whilst engineering a distraction.  This should hardly strike anyone as heinous, and all should understand that, in practice, this is not what occurred.  Lord Abbot, however, was prepared.

Study the SecureCam records of the Panopticon during these tragic events.  They have been shown in the media often enough, in recent days.

Watch closely what happens.  Watch *very* closely.

Lord Abbot rises.  Sub-Castellan Riler of Olyesti stands almost directly behind him, and yet makes no effort to intervene, even when Lord Abbot draws a pistol from his robes.  He remains hovering over the shoulders of Cardinal Kharma and Ordinal Thursday, as if ready to prevent any intervention to *thwart* the shot.

Lord Abbot opens fire on the Lord Chancellor.  Sub Castellan Riler immediately rushes away from the obvious assailant, toward the victim at the head of the table, allowing Lord Abbot to escape unhindered.

We are all all-too-familiar with the moments and the state of affairs which follows.  By Lord Abbot’s premeditated murder, a Lord Chancellor opposed to Sen’s actions is shot down, leading to his departure from office, to be replaced by the Lady of Olyesti, and our House, opponents to Olyesti’s rise to dominance, are branded criminals and murderers, a number of the Councillors after the meeting, hot with natural anger at the atrocity of Lord Sputnik’s assassination, calling for our deaths.

It is plain that Abbot was a murderer and assassin of considerable value to Sen, that Olyesti’s Castellan- an Olyesti Prydonian subordinate to Lady Judy herself- chose for reasons unproven not to intervene in the assassination.

The means, motive, and opportunity are clear enough.

Ask yourselves, what reason Lady Kharma had to order the assassination of Lord Sputnik.  To unfetter, as it has done, the wrath of Sen of Patrex, and the ambition of Judy of Olyesti.  None.

Ask yourselves, what reason Sen of Patrex and Judy of Olyesti had to order the attempted assassination of Lord Sputnik.  See the paragraph directly ahead… unchanged save for the last word.  What reason? All.

Lord President Sen neatly washes his hands of the bloodlust by declaring his own opposition to execution- whilst reminding everyone concerned that it must be constitutionally an option- having engineered a situation to relieve himself of one of the checks and balances to his power, and generated the moral outrage to lead to others to call for that execution in one fell swoop.

Know that Prydon will stand firm.  We are aware of what must be done, and dangers which threaten our noble civilisation which make these internecine power squabbles trivial in contrast.  We will not permit these struggles to prevent our work.  Lady Judy reaches out to us, offering a way back, a return home- under her wing.

She chooses to cast us as homeless, lost, desperate rebels without a cause alone in the night.

We are none of these things, as you have seen.

I transmit this message now from the surface of Karn itself, homeworld of an empire far older than Olyesti, older even than the High Council.  My birthright.  I believe the recent footage now placed in the public domain gives the lie to the Olyestian’s claims that we have no resources.

Do not make the mistake of assuming that this footage was revealed to you as a threat, High Councillors.  It was not addressed to *you* at all.  It was revealed to the People of New Gallifrey, of all Houses, Chapters, and Colleges, a far more worthwhile body who listen with their ears rather than their titles.

The message was not a threat, it was a promise. When you are ready for this conspiracy to end, this slow and insidious centralisation of power …. Karn will be there to help you.

This planet is now a closed world to the High Council and their agents.  A warning.  We shall not willingly wage war against the people of Gallifrey, our kin- but we shall defend ourselves and our borders, and the authority of the formerly democratic government of New Gallifrey is not recognised over this world.

In the light of the clear threats made by Sen of Patrex, we regret to inform you that for the safety of our people, should he, his Castellan, or any of their agents – including and perhaps especially the multiple traitor, Abbot of Mirraflex, they will be shot on sight.

Yet we do not desire to conceal ourselves from the innocent people of our former world.  As a gesture of good faith, we invite the cameras and voice of the New Gallifrey Public Record, Commentator Widdershins, to visit our world at her convenience, to speak freely with the Lady Kharma and ask any question she wishes.

If Sen of Patrex has any regard for the value of a free press in a supposedly free society, he will make no attempt to abuse this opening or put Commentator Widdershins and her crew at risk in order to make war upon us or upon Karn.

Lady Kharma,
High Seeress of the Prydonian Chapter of Karn

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