NGPR Newcast 7th April 2014: A Visit to Karn

The Prydonians of Karn speak to NGPR!

Saffia Widdershins, accompanied by The Lightfoot as camerawoman, travels to Karn for an exclusive interview with Lady Kharma, Lady Rowan and the Madman, the Castellan of the new Chapter of the Prydonians.

And there are some sensational revelations.

A full transcript of the meeting follows:

Saffia Widdershins: Lady Karma, thank you for agreeing to meet NGPR today.
Saffia Widdershins: I am fascinated to visit Karn.
Saffia Widdershins: Has your plan to retire to Karn, long in the making?
Rowan Jinx Thursday (rowan.thursday) smiles without speaking, and turns to watch her leader’s answer.
ᵀᴴᴱ мᴬᴰмᴬᴻ (damien.vectoscope) chuckles softly.
Kharma (kylie.todriya) smiles looking thoughtful, repsectful,” You are quite welcome honourable guests. It’s regretable it’s under such circumstances…” rubs her hands together calmly,” Having said that, To answer your question. Saving this world as much of it as was possible given the last days of the war . I did what I felt was nessisary so that this my home. would not burn as so many other worlds did. ”
Saffia Widdershins: Did you have plans for this place to be a retreat.. or did circumstances force you to move here?
Kharma (kylie.todriya) continuing,” No this is not the complete whole world. We did leave a terraformed world in Karns image along with others who volunteered to remain in N space. ”
Rowan Jinx Thursday (rowan.thursday) muses, flexing the fingers of one hand slightly, frowning in thought.
The Lightfoot (terry.lightfoot): Why was your reaction to the events of the high council to flee when according to your declaration you weren’t involved in them in any way?
Rowan Jinx Thursday (rowan.thursday) frowns.
Kharma (kylie.todriya) calmly answers,” I’ve wanted to return home for quite some time. But conditions and Obligations prevented things. I wanted to ensure that the mathematics for the calcuations in restoring what remained of my home to come through. It took a few years. ” looks down at the table a bit sad, ” We had found the situation on New Gallifrey was an unattenable one. We needed the seperation. The council Meeting’s own reactions an bloodlust was something that was frighteningly eiire . the council did not sound like reasonable intellectual leaders but rather more like a group of mad an hungry Daleks . Even a few cries of Extermination were called out. ”
Rowan Jinx Thursday (rowan.thursday): As for why we left in such a… hasty manner….” she draws breath.
Rowan Jinx Thursday (rowan.thursday): “Well…. as we briefly mentioned in a recent statement- Lord Abbot had given us an instruction before the meeting- very immediately before- carefully not giving us much time to think about it.”
ᵀᴴᴱ мᴬᴰмᴬᴻ (damien.vectoscope): If I may, Your Grooviness and Your Hipness, I’d like to give my own reason for my somewhat hasty retreat.
Saffia Widdershins listens with interest
Kharma (kylie.todriya): “By all Means Madman , ”
Rowan Jinx Thursday (rowan.thursday): “We all suspected that Sen of Patrex might play us false- and he played upon that, primed us to flee-” she looks across the table. “Go on?”
The Lightfoot (terry.lightfoot) turns the camera to Mr. Madman..
ᵀᴴᴱ мᴬᴰмᴬᴻ (damien.vectoscope): During the meeting, what WE already knew was confirmed – That our TTCs are sentient life forms…
[12:54] ᵀᴴᴱ мᴬᴰмᴬᴻ (damien.vectoscope): Nigh on IMMEDIATELY after that was confirmed for all to see, The Lord President, HIMSELF, at least partially TTC, ordered the removal of our capsules’ dematerialization circuits..
The Lightfoot (terry.lightfoot) wonders, since Time lords have known TTC’s were sentient for milennia..
ᵀᴴᴱ мᴬᴰмᴬᴻ (damien.vectoscope): I, for one, know that my capsule relies on me for her protection and safety. I would be DAMNED if i would stand by and allow the council to rape her in such a manner.
Saffia Widdershins: So your retreat was, in part, an attempt to protect not yourselves but your TTCs?
Rowan Jinx Thursday (rowan.thursday): And we were, of course, denied the opportunity to challenge it by Lord Abbot.
ᵀᴴᴱ мᴬᴰмᴬᴻ (damien.vectoscope): In my case, yes.
Saffia Widdershins: May I ask what steps you have taken to apprehend Lord Abbot?
Saffia Widdershins: I am aware in asking that
Kharma (kylie.todriya): ” Before we answer that Lady Saffia, my Ordinal, Lady Thursday has a bit she would like to comment.
Saffia Widdershins: you will not want to betray any secrets that Lord Mirraflex might make use of
Saffia Widdershins: Certainly
The Lightfoot (terry.lightfoot) silently takes keen interest in all related to Lord Abbot..
Saffia Widdershins listens
Rowan Jinx Thursday (rowan.thursday): Just as Chancellor Sputnik was speaking to *defend* that cause and appeal for reason- Abbot- having already instructed us to prepare time rings in case the Council should seek our deaths without fair trial, Abbot transmitted the signal to depart and… did what e did, I don’t think we need to describe it again. So that our capsules would be placed in deadly danger- and ourselves, we would hardly be in any position to argue our case with the Lord Chancellor’s blood still wet on the floor.”
Rowan Jinx Thursday (rowan.thursday): As to Lord Abbot- we have maintained a constant sensor sweep on all communicator channels he has been known to use. The molecular patina and all relevant data concerning his unique travel capsule have been collated and–”
Kharma (kylie.todriya) sheds a tiny tear, ” While the Chancellor an I may have had our differences He bears a wisdom many respected. There was no need for such an action. An it did not come from me or Lady thrusday nor anyone else of my house.”
Rowan Jinx Thursday (rowan.thursday) removes a small disc from her pocket.
ᵀᴴᴱ мᴬᴰмᴬᴻ (damien.vectoscope): I would like to caution Your Hipness against giving out too much information on such a… serious security matter.
Rowan Jinx Thursday (rowan.thursday) lifts the disc and lightly throws it through the air to the Lightfoot. “A copy of everything we have.”
Saffia Widdershins tries to get a closeup on the disc
The Lightfoot (terry.lightfoot): Thank you.
The Lightfoot (terry.lightfoot) takes it gratefully
Rowan Jinx Thursday (rowan.thursday): It isn’t… all that much, unfortunately, Abbot was not very forthcoming even before this incident, but every little helps.” She regards the Lord Castellan. “Security of our allies is one thing. I wish no security for that traitor.”
Kharma (kylie.todriya) takes a disc of her own an places it on the table an slides it to Terry, ” The unredacted Bio data extrat of Abbot. Please see to it that the right authorities have that information. ”
Saffia Widdershins: Thank you!
Kharma (kylie.todriya): “Prior to the council meeting a few days earlier. I paid the Zenobia station a visit down to the Matrix vaults an using a few older codes, I removed all of my houses BioData Extracts. If things went bad I did not wish to let others have an easy job of tracking or impeding our own plans. ”
Rowan Jinx Thursday (rowan.thursday) watches the disc disappear, a look of deep and prim satisfaction on her face a moment. She nods shortly, and turns back to listen to Lady Kharma.
Saffia Widdershins: So Lady Khama, do you see this secession from New Gallifrey as final?
The Lightfoot (terry.lightfoot) thinks Saffia’s got ovaries..
Saffia Widdershins knows it’s her job to ask the awkward questions
Kharma (kylie.todriya): “Final ? no… this is more of a classical impasse. A pause between Idea.s. It’s our hope over time there can be a peaceful co existence. We’ve lost too many an so much. we do not need blood spilt over things.”
Saffia Widdershins: Do you forsee a time when you would be prepared to return to New Gallifrey?
Rowan Jinx Thursday (rowan.thursday) purses her lips dubiously.
Kharma (kylie.todriya) frowns a slight bit. ” A return I am not so sure. I would be open to a peacefull and positive exchange of information an ideas between where we have left an what we are building her on Karn. Perhap sometime even a possibility of acepting some sort of ambassadorial exchange . ” Looking over at her Ordinal, ” Lady Thursday your free to add something if you wished ? ”
Rowan Jinx Thursday (rowan.thursday): “Really… the situation is somewhat something we’ll have to react to. We will not return while submission to New Gallifrey would involve submission to the current state of the government. If that changes…. then we will respond according to the new situation.”
Saffia Widdershins: I see.
Kharma (kylie.todriya): “Madman, your thoughts ? Please no rubber chickens. ”
The Lightfoot (terry.lightfoot) wonders in silence how Karn folks know about terran rubber chickens…
The Lightfoot (terry.lightfoot) thinks their fame must’ve travelled across the universe..
Kharma (kylie.todriya) smiles, ” when you have a Madman for head of security an find something made of rubber and yellow when you wake up in the morning. It is quickly discovered what a “Rubber chicken” is. ”
ᵀᴴᴱ мᴬᴰмᴬᴻ (damien.vectoscope): I would concur with Her Grooviness and Her Hipness. I believe that what we are starting to build here on Karn is something which could be of great import to the Whole Kind of General Mish-Mash that is the multiverse. I do think it could be of mutual benefit for a form of… alliance… eventually with New Gallifrey, but the current political climate is not something I feel comfortable being a part of there. Plus, I believe it would be a nice genture of the end of any possible hostilities if the high Council gave us a balloon animal. But not a poodle. They scare me.
Rowan Jinx Thursday (rowan.thursday) studies the desk in front of her.
Saffia Widdershins: Lady Kharma … may I ask about the key that you are wearing?
Kharma (kylie.todriya): ahh this … it’s not a very remarkable key. but is one of a few artefacts our house has been caretakers of for a very long time. It helped facilitate this world’s return. ”
[13:21] The Lightfoot (terry.lightfoot) silently remembers that Karn folk are even more psychic than the annoying Time Lords and can read her mind even more easily…
Saffia Widdershins: I would say that any key that can help facilitate a world’s return is demonstrably remarkable, my Lady.
The Lightfoot (terry.lightfoot) thinks to herself that she must really practice those mental shielding exercises that Sputters keeps nagging her about…
Rowan Jinx Thursday (rowan.thursday) may not be particularly powerful telepath, but as the Lightfoot thinks the above does think “Yes, you should,” for no particularly discernible reason which is almost certainly a coincidence.
Rowan Jinx Thursday (rowan.thursday): A key is… well, a key. Not a weapon, a tool for changing state.
The Lightfoot (terry.lightfoot) hates gallifreyan voices in her head..
Rowan Jinx Thursday (rowan.thursday): Locked to unlocked. Matter to energy or vice versa.
Saffia Widdershins: In your recent declaration you did suggest that Prydon of Karn does possess some formidable weapons. Can you give assurances that these will not be used offensively?
Kharma (kylie.todriya) blushes ,” It is. but like most relics, it should be kept in great care an used sparingly. I do admit the President, our as I’ve called him the chariot… was right about checks an balances. but just because one has something potant doesn’t mean such items should be trouted out an used like a toaster or butter spread over warm bread. It’s the wisdom to knowing when is also important.”
Rowan Jinx Thursday (rowan.thursday): He was both right and wrong. He railed against us destroying a system of check and balance but failed to understand.
Rowan Jinx Thursday (rowan.thursday): We have… pulled out. Consider a balance.
ᵀᴴᴱ мᴬᴰмᴬᴻ (damien.vectoscope): ((bear with me. Phone))
Rowan Jinx Thursday (rowan.thursday): It is a lever, a pivot upon a fulcrum.
Saffia Widdershins: What did he fail to understand, Lady Rowan?
The Lightfoot (terry.lightfoot) still has images of bread with grass fed butter slathered all over it in her head.
The Lightfoot (terry.lightfoot) sighs..
Rowan Jinx Thursday (rowan.thursday): He has given great, unprecedented and centralised power to one faction- that allied with Olyesti and the Ceruleans. He himself has disrupted the balance of power to a catastrophic extent… we have pulled away- ceased to hold ourselves… so much in check.
Kharma (kylie.todriya): ” I do not wish to use any of them if they are not needed. But when I’ve got an arch ival sitting in an armed space station with large pointy things that make loud noises. I felt it best we have means of defnding ourselves. With the calls of mass execution we find were up against a wall an were in it for our survival .”
Rowan Jinx Thursday (rowan.thursday): It’s far from perfect, in fact it’s chaotic- but- in opposition as we are, in one sense the balance is better retained than it would have been had we remained subsumed within an Olyesti dominated Council.
Saffia Widdershins: I understand that you felt the need to take extraordinary measures for your defence. However … are you prepared to guarantee that these weapons will not be used offensively?
Rowan Jinx Thursday (rowan.thursday): Or put another way, his fear was that, without balance, New Gallifrey might wage partisan war on Time and the cosmos. Currently we’re all cancelling each other out by pointing those weapons at one another, and provided no one’s so idiotic as to fire them- on which point I’ll pass back to Lady Kharma- the balance is effectively maintained for the time being.
Kharma (kylie.todriya): “If we are left in peace. An not provoked, then I do not wishe to use any of them an would prefer to mothball them. But I do not want to sit idealy by with no means of defense either. ”
Saffia Widdershins: Do you believe that a state of what is, in fact, mutually assured destruction, is the best path forward for Timelords in Second Life Space?
Rowan Jinx Thursday (rowan.thursday): No, it’s the third worst.
Kharma (kylie.todriya): ” I do not but a detante’ a de escaluation is required. However as in Statements made earlier by some individuals. Who felt we were nothing and had nothing. It was time to display that we value living and if someone wants a war an a lust for blood then they must realize what there actions can lead to. It’d be the end for everything that is what I do not wish to see. But my words my beliefs, I do not feel will give anyone any comfort anyway. An that is a far greater tragedy”
Rowan Jinx Thursday (rowan.thursday): Destruction is the worst, obviously. Followed by subsummation beneath a tyranny with no effective opposition. This situation is… a holding pattern. An enforced stability in the hope that it holds long enough for passions to cool and negotiation to be possible.
Saffia Widdershins: I see. And you believe that to defend your position, you must be in a position to be able to take offensive action?
Saffia Widdershins: And I perfectly accept that this is not something you regard with equanimity.
Kharma (kylie.todriya): “Normally no. No I would not. But as these are extraoridnary times, an who can be counted upon as a friend or just as well turn around an shoot you in the back. It’s safer to have some sort of means of saying no. this line , no further. pass a hard line it dooms us all. but does leave the position for the first building blocks to establishing some form of peace without a cold war. History has always been written by those who win the wars. We do not wish a war , but we do not wish to simply roll over either. ”
Saffia Widdershins: Lady Kharma, Lady Rowan, Castellan – thank you so much for speaking with us here today.
Rowan Jinx Thursday (rowan.thursday) smiles, “A pleasure, Lady Widdershins.”
Rowan Jinx Thursday (rowan.thursday): Thank you for coming to Karn.
Saffia Widdershins: If we may return to my Tardis …
Kharma (kylie.todriya): You came in Peace , an again you may depart in peace. Also I hope Sputters is doing better. He should never have been shot. ”
ᵀᴴᴱ мᴬᴰмᴬᴻ (damien.vectoscope): Of course. Allow me to walk you there.
The Lightfoot (terry.lightfoot) puts her camera back in the invisible interdimensional camera bag
Rowan Jinx Thursday (rowan.thursday): I’ll ensure the transduction barrier is set to give you a smooth lift off.
Saffia Widdershins: Thank you!
Kharma (kylie.todriya): “Thank you for coming . ”
ᵀᴴᴱ мᴬᴰмᴬᴻ (damien.vectoscope): This way, please.
Kharma (kylie.todriya): “Lady Thursday it’s time for another bath the scared Flame for you :”
Saffia Widdershins: I hope we will meet again soon.
The Lightfoot (terry.lightfoot) quietly nods goodbye..
Kharma (kylie.todriya): “As do I , we would look forward to further dialoge “

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