Report on the mysterious disappearance and rescue of Lady April Kohl

Arcalian logoWith the permission of House Arcalian, we publish Lady April’s offical report into her disappearance – and her rescue.

Report on the crash of the TTC Travellian
By Lady Apridilivariaseriskholidria, House Novendrius, Chapterhouse Arcalian

== The Situation ==
I was returning from Arcalian Research Station 174, in orbit around star X3-310 when my TTC’s scanners detected a large disruption in the time vortex. It appeared to be an explosion of some kind. I was unable to steer out of the way of the explosion and quickly found my TTC engulfed by the disturbance.

We hit something. I don’t know what – by this point the scanners were overloading and the capsule was flying out of control. I must have managed to send a distress call seeing as how so many people were able to come and find me, but at the time I was hurriedly attempting to regain control of the ship while calling for help so I couldn’t tell for certain.

The TTC doors exploded inwards, presumably from the brute force of the explosion outside and I found myself being sucked out into the vortex. I activated my time ring and transported myself to the nearest safe location – a small tugship heading for a human vessel, the RSS Granton.

From on board the Granton I was able to observe the TTC Travellian (my TTC) crash land on Prexis-6 (I am told the capsule has since been recovered and transferred to a repair shop). The crew of the Granton collected headed for the Prexis system, collecting debris thrown out into SL-Space from the time vortex on the way. That was when I found the Artefact (see below for more on that).

En route to Prexis-6, we were attacked by Daleks. I didn’t get a good look at their ship but its markings and hull design were not what I have come to expect from the Daleks. They may be a new rebel group? I feel more investigation is required before we will know for sure.

The crew of the Granton fought bravely but they were no match for these Daleks. I stashed the Artefact in my jacket, holed up on the command deck with what remained of the crew and prepared for a siege. The Daleks shot everyone; myself included, although I am glad to say that either their aim was off or their power was low as I was not killed instantly.

I attempted to reach a medikit but apparently I passed out before I could use it. I awoke when the rescue party lead by Lord Vale managed to stabilise my condition. I would like to give thanks to Lord Shon Tempest for his excellent skills as a field medic. Without his help, it would be a whole other version of me writing this report.

== The Artefact ==
I do not know what the device I picked up on the Granton is, nor what it is for. It looks like some kind of Dematerialization Circuit but if it is, it’s of a design and level of sophistication that I have not seen before.

Some of the rescue party thought it was a combination of Dalek and Time Lord technology. I can’t say either way but if that is the case, I fear we are in a great deal of trouble.

The artefact is currently stored in a forcefield in the Arcalian council chamber on Olyesti. It should be safe there until it can be transferred to a more secure research centre for further analysis.

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