News Update – August 22nd 2014: Madman on the Air; Arcalians heading for adventure

The Madman Geeks Out

Sci Fi.

For some, it’s a random silliness reserved for people who live in their parents basements.

For others, it’s a bit of fun entertainment. An escape from the drudgeries of day to day existence in 9 to 5 jobs,  2.3 kids and car payments.

For a select few, Sci Fi is a way of life. Voraciously reading, watching or even writing anything they can about alien worlds, etc.

And then…

Blog Talk Radio

Blog Talk Radio

There’s The Madman.

We’re… really not sure if he’s just a rabid fan of Sci Fi or if he’s actually FROM another planet.

Either way, the time has come for him to start talking and ranting about it.

Saturday and Sunday this weekend (23 and 24 August) at 7:00 AM SLT, you can hear him say his piece about Sci Fi in general and, on Sunday, specifically, it’s time to talk about the return of The Doctor.

Listen in at or phone in at (347) 884-9443 to be a part of the conversation.


Arcalian logoA Mystery for the Arcalians

This is an Out of Character message.
Lord Maltheus Canis & Saffia Widdershins are setting up a roleplay for House Arcalian (as was discussed at a House meeting a couple of weeks back).

This will come in several installments, run every other Saturday, starting Sat 30th September, from 1pm-4pm SLT. You will be able to follow the events through New Gallifrey Public Record, but this is a House roleplay, so the details will only be given for general edification.

Watch out for some preliminary information coming from Lord Marvin Metempiric, who has been carrying out some very interesting investigations!


Do YOU have a story to share?

If you are setting up or running a roleplay or working on a backstory that you would like to share, we will be happy to feature it on New Gallifrey Public Record. It could take the form of a news report, a story, a diary entry, a photostory or a video. We will be happy to feature them all!

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