NGPR Report for House Arcalian: The discovery of a phenomenon: Part 1

The following document, written by Lord Marvin Metempiric has been received. Herein we publish Part 1:

To the Lords and Ladies of the noble House of Arcalian.

A proposal to equip an expedition to further study a discovery of an anomalous source of power

In the aftermath of the events which some call “The Fall of New Gallifrey”, Master Lore and myself had been tasked to analyze the excessive scans taken during the attack of the entity known as The Abbott.

During this analysis we encountered a glitch in the multidimensional scan over the known interdimensional spectrum. A spike where no spike should have been. We did dismiss it due to the overall disturbances in the space time continuum due to the actions of The Abbott at this time though. Our further analysis led into a completely different direction, so the glitch was nearly forgotten.

It bothered me though, since it was quite a spike that was. So I indulged myself into further investigations as a kind of a hobby.

After filtering out all known elements from the scan it became obvious that this was not a glitch at all but rather an anomaly all over the dimensional spectrom.

Anomaly Scan

Anomaly Scan

It was not noticed before, because the spike we considered a glitch at first was in fact oscillating all over the dimensional spectrum. So since we rarely do a full intradimensional scan over the whole spectrum it simply was not recorded before.  As far as it seems to me it was a sheer stroke of luck that we did all these extended scans during the cataclysmic events of the last months, so we got maybe one of the first full extensive scan of the complete dimensional spectrum. This enabled us to notice the spike which led to the following discovery and my proposal.

Doing the maths...

Doing the maths…

It was possible to isolate the energetic spectrum of the anomaly, which brings me to the first most interesting discovery and kept me well going on in my research. The basic energy signature was very similar to the one of the Eye of Harmony. But on a much higher scale though. Preliminary readings suggest a BASIC output in the higher levels of the Eye and a peak level so far of about 75% over the highest reading ever taken from the Eye. The attached graphics tries to show the relations.

The Spike

The Spike

But somehow this had to be expected for something which left footprints all over the dimensional plane.


Part 2 to follow.
This notice was sent privately to House Arcalian and is the trigger for a new House adventure.


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