NGPR Report for House Arcalian: The discovery of a phenomenon: Part 2

This article follows on from: NGPR Report for House Arcalian: The discovery of a phenomenon: Part 1

The following document, written by Lord Marvin Metempiric has been received. Herein we publish Part 2:

With the help of the anomaly’s energy signature it was possible to locate its source. This brings me to the main reason for my proposal.

I was able to trace the signature to an obscure little system near the universal rim. One sun, one planet with two moons and nothing else. No dust, no other objects, nothing. Just the sun, the planet and its moons. I decided to take a look from a safe distance.

Observation Anomaly

Observation Anomaly

From a wide orbit I took some preliminary readings of the planet and its surroundings. As mentioned before, a really basic system of a sun, one planet and two moons. And the “nothing else” part was confirmed on site. I cannot remember having encountered a planetary system so…well, clean, without even some planetoids or asteroids?

Further scans of the planetary surface and the moons showed no signs of life. But since there have been many areas which could not be scanned properly this must be counted as an assumption.

A different “temporal perspective” might be of help.

To cut things short, it did not. As a matter of fact it raised even more questions. This system does not move in relation to the universal spin. It is in a fixed position relative to the rest of the universe.

I enabled a scan of the planet’s surface for the energy signature of the anomaly and was able to pinpoint an approximate position of the location.

The Scan

The Scan

Then I decided to stop everything and return to consult with my peers how to proceed from hereon.

So here it is, My Lords and Ladies…a planet which might well house a source of power never seen before harnessed with properties never heard of but one with some apparent mysteries, too.

Location Anomaly

Location Anomaly

Due to the pledge of our noble House to widen our knowledge and the possible high benefit of this discovery for all of us in this continuum (not to mention the political gain if we can acquire a source of energy of this magnitude) I strongly suggest to send out a team of able Time Lords (and Ladies of course) to investigate further.

I suggest also keeping it quiet for the time being. This should be handled by our House and our House alone, until we see it fit to disclose the findings.

Redacted – House Arcalian information

As a humble servant of the noble House of Arcalian

Lord Marvin Metempiric


Part 2 to follow.
This notice was sent privately to House Arcalian and is the trigger for a new House adventure.


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