What transpired so far…Synopsis of what happened on the Arcalian expedition and the discovery of the “Starchild”

To the House of Arcalia and other interested parties

The following is a synopsis of what we encountered following the discovery of the anomaly and our subsequent expedition.

Landing on the surface of the planet near the indicated location of the anomaly we were quite stunned for finding what seems to be an archeological dig site. Abandoned, but on first glance not for very Long.

A closer survey of the site revealed a handful of interesting artifacts. Mostly notes in a language or code not known to any of us and more stunning, a necklace bearing the Seal of Rassilon (still awaiting further analysis).

During the search of the site we got readings corresponding with those taken from the anomaly, but no specific objects which could be the cause for the readings.

While pondering our findings a new discovery was made. A spaceship orbiting the planet, which had seemingly eluded our previous scans. Coming to the conclusion that digging site and spaceship may be related, we decided to have a closer look at the ship.

After landing our TTC on the ship in what seemed to be the mess hall, we quickly realized that it was bare of any life forms other than ourselves. The heaps of carbonized matter spread over the floor were a bit disturbing though. Reaching the bridge (still more heaps) we ascertained the lack of power on board and decided to “rekindle the lights” by searching the engine room and reinstating power. The reactor we found there was of a relatively ancient design for our standards (simple hydrogen fusion type) so it was switched back on with no time. The restored power activated some security droids which could be handled, thanks to the quick wits of one of our crew, in no time. This leads me to the more disturbing part of our discoveries on the ship. I did mention the heaps of carbonized matter, didn’t I? They were literally spread all over the place. Including the infirmary we found at last. There some more disturbing facts were uncovered. A bloodstained medical bay, a secured containment bay and some video footage showing an alien being which was experimented on in, well, not necessarily ethical ways. Our conclusion from those recordings and the state we found the ship in led us to believe that the alien depicted might be held responsible for that.

Taking the computers on board under closer scrutiny we could retrace the ships travels to a temporal anomaly not far away. That of course is something no Lord of Time could resist. So we decided to follow where ever this anomaly might lead us and plotted a course to the approximate space-time coordinates.

Arriving at our new destination, we found ourselves in what seemed to be a kind of asylum, including padded cells and a quite disturbing laboratory on a basic technology level of what one could have found in the late 19th century earth. But surprisingly with generators capable of creating power levels which did correspond to the readings taken from the initial anomaly, way beyond anything the supposed time period could generate.

In one of the other rooms, a library from the looks of it, we did find more notes in the aforementioned code and some old movie reels which were taken for later analysis.

Another disturbing fact was the altar we found, which was obviously dedicated to the worship of entities we know as the Old Ones. And a copy of a book which shouldn’t have been there in the first place, too, which was on a stand near the altar. (see internal Arcalian treatise about the Old Ones).

In adjacent room we at last found the seemingly source of the anomalous power readings. The alien entity we saw on the recordings in the derelict starship.

We were able to establish basic communication with the entity we designated “Starchild” for the time being, although it refers to itself as “Ze”. Regarding the place which was reeking “evil” all over, we decided to take the Starchild with us to a location which might be considered safe. For the child as well as the environment, since “Ze” emanated visibly spectral power charges constantly.

After a longer discussion if it would be safe to transport such an entity within the confines of a TARDIS, fearing some disturbing interactions between the capsules power source and the energies of the Starchild, we finally decided to take the risk.

And a risk it turned out to be. The journey to our new destination, a planetoid which was the home of a now extinct race, was quite a bumpy ride. But again the combined abilities of the Lords and Ladies present let us land relatively safe at our destination. Although the TARDIS energy was nigh completely depleted.

During the flight a scan of the Starchild with the help of the internal sensors was nor well taken by “Ze” and was therefore interrupted, before any conclusive data could be collected.

The planetoid was the home of a race worshipping light and the stars and we found a pool of liquid light, which could well have been a place of worship in times past.

The Starchild stated that it knew this place and that “Zus” have been worshipped there by the former inhabitants. It enjoyed bathing in the pool of light and at last offered to replenish the drained TARDIS energy.

While the Starchild transferred some of its energies to the stranded capsule, some “passive” readings were taken. In this case spectral readings of the emanations of “Ze” before, while and after the transfer. We all were quite astonished, that the energy transfer was successful, so that we could return to our relative space time coordinates again.

The spectral readings taken led to an astonishing conclusion though. The spectral lines were consistent with actual spectrums of stars in our continuum. So in conclusion we theorized that the Starchild has at least the ability to tap into a stars power, if not being more than what it seems to be. (see internal Arcalian treatise about “The Starchild”). It is quite possible that we did encounter a manifestation of at least one star.

The Starchild was left in care of one of our party to whom “Ze” seemed to have “bonded” a bit. We returned for much needed repairs of the TARDIS to return at a later time. During this time it was possible to digitize the movie reels found in the library at the asylum. They showed an older entity resembling the Starchild being locked up in one of the mentioned padded cells and being heavily experimented on in the found laboratory.

When we returned the linguistic abilities of “Ze” had grown exponentially, so that we could get some more coherent information from it. What we learned so far are the following facts:

  1. The Starchild seems to be, as far as it told us, the “last one” of its kind
  2. It and or its entire race was worshipped by the former inhabitants of the planetoid, probably a lizard like race living in a swamp like environment.
  3. It seemingly does not originate from our plane of existence, but from a place it called “no place”, which might well be a place on another plane / dimension of existence different from our own.
  4. It has the ability to access, emanate and transfer energies which relate to stars in our continuum. Not always in a controlled way, as the interference within the TARDIS indicated. But well controlled while recharging the capsule on the planetoid.
  5. It learns and develops fast (even showing traits of “mischief” as stated by some of our party tasked to keep an eye on “Ze”, which might correspond to similar phases of a normal child while growing up). Linguistic patterns did evolve from childlike single wording when first met, to coherent sentences at our last encounter.

The implications of our encounter with this entity cannot be fully comprehended at this time. We hope to learn more when we meet the Starchild again on our next trip to the planetoid. If we consider the possibility of it being a manifestation of what we see as a star in our continuum, it might not be a good idea to unveil that we do actually harness suns to get our energy needed for powering our TTCs.

We hope to learn more about the older entity depicted in the found reels, but may be reluctant showing them to the Starchild.

Hopefully we will be able to resolve this mystery on one of our next travels to the planetoid. Probably the communication with the Starchild will become much more easy due to its continuing evolvement.

Lord Marvin Metempiric

House of Arcalia

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