Surprising document written by the new Cardinal of House Arcalian

 A document has come to light that has apparently been circulating among some time lords, written by the then Arcalian Ordinal Maltheus – recently elected to Cardinal.
We are endeavouring to establish the veracity of this document.

On re-asserting the constitution. Observations and opinion.

Fellow Lords of time.

For the past span of our recent history, many unusual and unprecedented circumstances have befallen our race and our home world. The near total collapse of our world under the assault of the Abbot and other external threats has necessitated a state of emergency, during which the normal order of our society and government has justifiably been suspended. In the need to make quick and vital decisions for the protection of our race, it became necessary to have a small body of time lords appointed by his Excellency the Lord president, to govern under the aegis of the “inner council”.

While the majority of Time lords are joined in gratitude to those few that have steered the ship of state through these troubled waters, many may now feel the time has come to once again restore normal governance and due process to our Capitol.
It would therefore seem an opportune time to propose a number of measures needed to resume and reassert our civilizations constitution.

First and foremost, while there are still challenges facing us, it can be argued that the immediate threat and emergency has abated. Therefore it would be appropriate to recall the high council at the earliest possible opportunity, with the formal ending of the state of emergency that has allowed governing to take place in their absence.

The Lord president is in essence the leader of the high council, and it is from that body that the power and authority of the president is drawn. It is a constitutional and democratic imperative that the authority of the high council be at the very heart of the leadership of our society, and that the roles and responsibilities of all high offices and councils be once more clearly defined and adhered to. A process of debate and ratification of the defined roles of offices should begin at the high council level. In effect a clarification of the constitution is called for.

The inner council, which traditionally consisted of the lord president, the chancellor and the Castellan, has expanded since our race settled in this universe. In addition to some appointees such as the Coordinator of the CIA and Chancellor Emeritus, it has at times included also the leaders of some, but not all of the Time Lord chapters besides. This expanded council has had the effect of causing the inner council to resemble a select and elite sub group of the high council, and caused it to assume a large part of the legitimate role of the high council itself. This has rendered the high council something of an afterthought in many matters of state, where events can be prearranged in private by the inner council before ever reaching the attention of the colleges of Time Lords to vote upon.

Many may find it unsatisfactory that the cardinal or councilor of one chapter, while not holding any of the above mentioned offices, should be included in the inner council even in a none voting position, while the leadership of another chapter is not. Such inequality gives the impression that some chapters are valued more than others, and that those “lesser” chapters deserve less of a voice in leadership. Neither one may add, would it be sensible for the leaders of all chapters to be included equally on the inner council, as doing so would simply make it effectively another session of the high council, which rather defeats the point.

It would be logical to propose therefor that the inner council should be reduced to no longer include any of the chapter leaders, excepting those holding an office such as Chancellor at the same time, and that those cardinals, Councilors and High seer instead should be present on the high council, as the democratic representatives of their chapter members. Further that the inner council should, barring a state of emergency, adopt a role as an advisory body appointed by the lord president. Outside of a state of emergency, this inner council should not take decisions of state, but submit their recommendations to the High council for debate, amendment, and ratification by the elected leaders of the chapters and the president in council session. This restoration of the authority of the high council would return the leadership of our civilization to the Colleges of Time Lords, and reaffirm the principles of accountability, democracy, and due process to our government.

In closing, I submit that while the rebuilding of the panopticon is nearly complete, and the structures in which the time lord civilization shall reside are almost restored, our society is not only based on physical structures. The bedrock upon which our civilization truly stands is the constitution, a codification of the ideological and ethical ideals which have bound us throughout our history. It is those principles and notions of democracy and due process, which have been chipped away and eroded over recent times, which now require repair and rebuilding every bit as much as the physical structures of our citadel. Unless we act soon to reinstate it, our constitution is in danger of finally crumbling and being lost.

Thank you for your attention and consideration.
Cardinal, House Arcalian

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