NGPR Bulletin : A Warning and a Narrow Escape

In the late hours of yesterday evening, New Gallifrey Public Record has learned, the High Seeress of the Jade Dreamers embarked on an authorised reconnaissance mission into the deep vortex, to attempt to recover further data from the missing Probe #966/@æ.  It is unclear whether this mission is related to ongoing Council investigation into the terrorist threats recently made against New Gallifrey, however she was fortuitously accompanied by a second capsule acting as escort at a distance.

Once Lady Thursday arrived at the last known co-ordinates of Probe #966/@æ, she was able to briefly re-establish contact with the probe, before its signal was lost.  The following footage was broadcast on open channel to all Gallifreyan vessels using obsolete frequency Prydon Alpha One, apparently due to a fault sustained by the probe.

Caution: Some viewers may find the subsequent footage disturbing.



At this point, contact was lost- whether through failure in the probe’s transmission apparatus or by deliberate agency is unknown.

Under advice from Temporal Control, the High Seeress attempted one additional sensor sweep to seek to re-establish contact a second time, however this was interrupted as a number of the unidentified Artron Life forms whose course Probe #966/@æ had been tracking in this location prior to is disappearance made a close proximity transit of her ship, Nereid, generating severe temporal turbulence.  The following visual data extract, recorded via the scanning image translator of the second ship escorting her, has been made available to NGPR by authorisation from Control.



Following the disappearance of the creatures, Lady Thursday was able to pilot her damaged ship back to port, via triangulation of beacons transmitted by Lord Rasa, pilot of the escorting vessel, the Chancellor’s T-T Capsule, and the prime Temporal Control beacon.  Reports suggest that her ship’s damage is significant but repairable, and the High Seeress herself is in a stable condition without serious injury.

Temporal Control have no comment to make, concerning the identity of the life forms observed in this footage, or the authors of the apparent threat or warning, delivered in the probe’s final transmission.

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