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The Mirraflex Memorandum – is this a genuine statement from Lord Davidabbotremirraflex?

The following document was delivered to the offices of New Gallifrey Public Record. We have been unable to trace the provenance. If Lord Mirraflex himself wishes to contact us privately, or to comment here on the blog in confidence, we … Continue reading

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The Prydonian Chapter of Karn issues a Statement (also known as the Karn Conspiracy document)

The following document, which has come to be known as The Karn Conspiracy document, has been released by the exiled New Gallifrey Chapter of House Prydon, now known as the Prydonian Chapter of Karn.

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The Prydonian Gambit: Counter-Response from the New Gallifrey Chapter of House Prydon

Lord Mirraflex posted the following response to the videos: You wake up with a beeping sound coming from your console, as you stagger half asleep to the incoming message viewscreen, you are met with the Prydonian Seal…and the following message…

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The Prydonian Gambit: The Olyesti Chapter of House Prydon responds

The initial Prydonian announcement by Lord David Abbot Mirraflex attracted a speedy response from Lady Judy, Governor of Olyesti and Cardinal of the Olyesti Prydonians.

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