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NGPR Newscast 24th May 2014: Just when the the news seemed so good …

Someone wants to blow up the universe. We have footage of Lady Judy’s inauguration, Lady April’s release, Lord Sputnik’s resumption of his position at the head of House Arcalian … and a strange piece of footage containing an ominous threat … Continue reading

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The Emergence: A Pilot bonds with her TTC

A story from House Arcalian. Some of you may have wondered not who Saffia Widdershins is (for she is well-known for presenting New Gallifrey Public Record) but how she was able to be a part of New Gallifrey, even to … Continue reading

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NGPR Newscast – 27th March 2014: First interview with the newly regenerated Lord Chancellor

We feature the first interview with the recently regenerated Lord Chancellor, Lord Oolon Sputnik.  In addition, there are more interviews with various house members and officials about the recent events of the High Council meeting.  

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