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NGPR Newscast 21st April 2014: A Rescue, an Emergence and a Mysterious Meeting

In this newscast, we learn of the rescue of Lady April Kohl, the Emergence of a certain journalist … and a glimpse of a certain mysterious meeting … Advertisements

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The Emergence: A Pilot bonds with her TTC

A story from House Arcalian. Some of you may have wondered not who Saffia Widdershins is (for she is well-known for presenting New Gallifrey Public Record) but how she was able to be a part of New Gallifrey, even to … Continue reading

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NGPR Newscast 14th April 2014: NGPR speaks to the newly regenerated Lord President and Commander Deimos

In the wake of a dramatic series of events at the announcement of the new Prydonian Cardinal, Saffia Widdershins speaks to two figures at the heart of those events: Lord President Sen and Commander Deimos of the Celestial Intervention Agency.

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NGPR Newcast 7th April 2014: A Visit to Karn

The Prydonians of Karn speak to NGPR! Saffia Widdershins, accompanied by The Lightfoot as camerawoman, travels to Karn for an exclusive interview with Lady Kharma, Lady Rowan and the Madman, the Castellan of the new Chapter of the Prydonians. And … Continue reading

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NGPR: First newscast – 23rd March 2014: Round up before the meeting of the High Council

With scant hours before the High Council meets, Saffia Widdershins recaps the developments leading to this tense encounter…

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