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NGPR: The Madman returns! (Did you know he had been away?)

An interview with The Madman regarding his time lost in the vortex and his rescue by the Celestial Intervention Agency. With a rather unexpected conclusion … Advertisements

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News Update – August 22nd 2014: Madman on the Air; Arcalians heading for adventure

The Madman Geeks Out Sci Fi. For some, it’s a random silliness reserved for people who live in their parents basements. For others, it’s a bit of fun entertainment. An escape from the drudgeries of day to day existence in … Continue reading

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Message received from the Jade Dreamers

In the light of the recent events in New Gallifrey and Olyesti, the Castellan of the Jade Dreamers has issued a statement.

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NGPR Newcast 7th April 2014: A Visit to Karn

The Prydonians of Karn speak to NGPR! Saffia Widdershins, accompanied by The Lightfoot as camerawoman, travels to Karn for an exclusive interview with Lady Kharma, Lady Rowan and the Madman, the Castellan of the new Chapter of the Prydonians. And … Continue reading

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The Madman, Castellan of the Prydonians of Karn, speaks

A message from the Prydonian Castellan of Karn, having nothing to do with chihuahuas. He makes an offer to any who wish to join the Prydonians of Karn.

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