Common terminology in our role play

Role play.

In Character. This is when two avatars are addressing each other as their role play personoes. This can be done in IM, open chat, or on voice. However, for the ease of planning and preventing chaos, all major RP events are done in open text chat.

Out Of Character. Should not be used during an official RP event. OOC is normal interaction with no effect on the RP story line. If you need to speak OOC during an RP event, enclose in (()) marks. For example ((Nature calls, brb)). Or use private IM or private voice.

N-Space is the term used IC for all canon Doctor Who events. Any event referred to that has been seen on screen in an episode of Doctor Who will be presented as having happened in N-Space.

We are all aware IC that we are not in Normal Space. All of us were sent here to SL space by someone or something yet to be discovered. We have emerged here in various states of injury and awareness, from various points throughout the Doctor Who canon. We are vaguely aware of events in N-Space, so no plot lines can conflict with any canon events on screen in Doctor Who or Torchwood. Novels, comics, and audio adventures can be used as inspiration, but are not considered canon in our RP.

Character restrictions
No on screen canon characters are allowed in the RP. As these characters can be utilized again at any point again in the series, we do not want to risk undermining our own history with canon conflicts. Original characters only. If there is a chance that future TV episodes could contradict your character choice or back story, then please alter accordingly.

This is the derogatory term used to describe inexperienced role players who insist on playing The Doctor. Many N-Space players, such as The Doctor, The Master, The Rani, Romana, etc. may have played a part in assisting some of our safe passage to SL-Space. To this end, the appearance of these avatars in SL are acknowledged as N-Space “Ghosts”, and are ignored as not being part of our “real” SL-Space universe.

Retconing. Once your character backstory is in place, you can not go back and rewrite it. Yes, we know this is all based on a time travel TV show, but there must be consistency. If there is ever to be a Retcon event, it will be approved OOC by the entire High Council.

For the purposes of our RP, Doctor Who canon is described as all events that have appeared on screen in the TV show Doctor Who. Audios, novels, comics, etc. are not considered canon, and these events can not be referred to as having happened in N-Space. However, these alternate sources are often inspiration for our own on going story line.


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