House Governance

Each house may write its own governing document determining how its respective Councilor or Cardinal seat on the High Council will be determined. They may use any process they like – the Council will honor those proceedings.

Following is a suggested power structure for all Cardinal Colleges. Academy of House Cerulean, House of Jade Dreamers, and all “other groups” will have very different structures.

Cardinal – the ruler of each House, and the sole voting representative on the High Council.

Councilor – the ruler of a House without a Cardinal. Can also be assigned as needed to help administer larger Houses under the command of the Cardinal.

Ordinal(s) – acts as deputies to the leader. Optional in smaller Houses.

House Castellan – responsible for the safety and security of the House or Chapter, with command of the Guards.

Timelords – as many as needed.

Guards – as many as needed, will be conscripted by the High Council for major invasion events.


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