Other Groups

There are other groups that serve temporary and permanent plot functions. These groups do not have seats at the Council, so must be monitored by the Inner Council.

C.I.A. – Coordinator Deimos (Da5id Abbot)
The CIA allows characters to step away from the Laws of Time and go rogue for a time.

Chancellery Guard – Lord Baron (babob riler)
A lot of these are needed for invasion story events.

Dalek Empire – Shan Davros
Daleks come to SL-Space from N-Space to continue the Time War.

SL Dalek Faction
Created by former Councilor Lord Drillon, these Daleks appear to be our enemies, but their true intentions remain a mystery.

Occasionally, ex-positional TARDIS “meetings” will be released on video. These meetings of the all-seeing and all-knowing Capsules will give players clues as to what is to come in major Council level plots.

The Abbot – our main “bad guy”
The Abbot is a corrupted TARDIS that attempted to take over its pilot, Lord Abbot. It was driven into its Pagoda circuitry during an initial attack by Sen, meaning it can’t control its destination. The Abbot is an organic combination of Timelord (at least the bits ripped from Lord Abbot during an aborted regeneration) and TARDIS that has been driven mad by the pain of dying and regenerating every time it flies through the vortex.


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