The High Council

The High Council serves the OOC function of keeping all major players and leaders apprised of other House’s activities. This allows group leaders to still enjoy plots without memorizing the forthcoming plot.

The High Council is made up of all Inner Council members plus –

Castellan – Lord Baron (babob riler)
Subordinate to the High Castellan, the Castellan is in charge of the day-to-day security of the New Gallifrey sim complex and serves the OOC role as Estate Manager in all sims.

Gold Usher – Wesfranclinrovadorvinphodoska (Wes Franklin)
Ceremonial leader. Maintains a non-voting presence at Council Meetings. IC and OOC is in charge of any ceremonies required for the RP.

Cardinal College of House Arcalian – Cardinal Vale (Vale Chronotis)
House Arcalian is made up of true blood Timelords, all from N-Space. Their IC jobs are Keepers of the Matrix, which translates to an OOC role of monitoring the Hands of Omega RP database.

Academy of House Cerulean – Councilor Mornington (Victor1st Mornington)
House Cerulean is made up of Non-Gallifreyan Timelords. Beings that, in this odd SL-Space world, have become bonded with Timelord tech and are forced to be part of our society. OOC, House Cerulean manages Zenobia Station, a training center for RP and handles all RP back stories.

Cardinal College of House Dromeian – Cardinal Gryphon Dix (Gryphon Dix)
House Dromenian is made up of Timelords who, either through their own experimentation or damage upon arrival to SL space, have added the DNA of other races to their regenerative cycle. They bring with them to SL -Space expertize in engineering and genetics that makes their technology somewhat independent from the rest of the Houses. Affectionately referred to as House Furry.

House of Jade Dreamers – Sister Kharma (Kylie Todriya)
Governed by the High Seeress who sits on the High Council of New Gallifrey in a non-voting advisory capacity. Composed of the resurgent Sisterhood of Karn – Seers and Priestesses of the Flame, and of the exiled members of a former House, now Guardians of the Flame.

OOC the House is for those willing to commit to seeking a different flavor to Time Lord Roleplay, semi-independence from the central government, delving into the ritual and traditions of the Sisterhood and legends from the dawn of our society.

Cardinal College of House Patrexe – Cardinal Julian Augustine (Julian Augustine)
A group of pure blood Timelords dedicated to the development of Timelord tech. Specifically, advancing telepathy biologically with the end goal of seeing Rassilon’s plan of immortal Timelords combined telepathically with their TTC’s to fruition. IC, responsible for maintaining Timelord tech in New Gallifrey.

Cardinal College of House Prydonian – Cardinal Samuel Brunel (steamysam Resident)
Introduction group to new role players in SL Doctor Who. More details forthcoming.

Cardinal College of House Scendles – Cardinal Alikaide Rage (moonlight4u Resident)
Known as the Cult of The Jinn. Awaiting the return of their founder, The Jinn. Utilize regressive Timelord Tech, as in Type 10 and 20 TTC’s in a religious dedication to The Jinn’s era. They believe in open and unabashed interference in other civilizations. As The Jinn is pledged to traveling Time and Space to contain the damage caused by The Abbot, House Scendles is pledged to doing right on the small scale to the detriment of the Prime Time line master plan of the High Council.


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