The Inner Council

The Inner Council does little IC. This is the body that does most of the overarching plot line planning, and monitors House/Chapter plots and character back stories to ensure things are running smoothly.

In the rare event of an Inner Council member stepping down, a successor may be appointed from the existing High Council by the outgoing Officer.

Lord President – Sen (Sen Pixie)
Leader of New Gallifrey. Non-voting member of the High Council. Controls what issues are brought to a vote.

Lady Chancellor – Judy (judy767 Resident)
Second in command of New Gallifrey. May take on all Presidential duties in the absence of the Lord President.

High Castellan – Solis (Solis Schumann)
The military leader of New Gallifrey. Commands all troops, guards, and military actions. Is not officially affiliated with any House.

Lord Chancellor Emeritus – Oolon Sputnik (Oolon Sputnik)
Non-voting advisory position. OOC, this position is still in charge of a large part of the RP story line planning.


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